Century Link Discontinues PS/ALI Service In Washington State

In March 2019, CenturyLink sent the following communication to inform PS/ALI customers in Washington State that they would no longer provide PS/ALI services.

For several years, CenturyLink has provided all ALI database services in the State of Washington. This includes the Private Switch Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI) Service you currently subscribe to.

The State of Washington awarded a new contract to Comtech Telecommunications Corp. for the provisioning of 9-1-1 services and ALI Database management.

Effective May 8, 2019 CenturyLink will no longer be the ALI Database provider in the state of Washington. As a result, we will no longer support PS/ALI services and will terminate your contract and billing for these services on the same date. In accordance with your contract with CenturyLink, we provide this letter to you as CenturyLink’s formal notice of termination of PS/ALI services, effective as of May 8, 2019.

In conjunction with CenturyLink’s termination of PS/ALI services, the records you currently have in the ALI database will be transitioned to the new ALI Database provider. It is imperative that you review these records and make any changes before the effective date listed above. You will also need to make arrangements with the new ALI Database provider to continue to address all of your stations using their PS/ALI services. There are several 3rd Party PS/ALI providers as well.

The complete PDF version of the letter can be found at the WA State Utilites and Transportation Commission website

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