You Have Options

Don’t Be Bullied By Your E911 Location Service Provider, You have Other Options.

Updating your organizations location information for 911 dispatchers doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. If your current E911 location service provider is imposing new changes to database updates, remember that you have options.

ALIProWeb provides a comfortable environment that mirrors how most entities in the state of Washington have been accustomed to making PS/ALI updates in the past. Those who have converted to ALIProWeb have been pleased with the ease of use and cost effectiveness of our solution.

What makes ALIProWeb different from our competitors is that we provide an easy to use service at a significantly lower cost. Our base rate is $1800 a year for up to 1500 DID lines with a one-time $500 migration and set up fee. We bill once a year to keep our costs down and pass that savings onto you. We also make managing your location data easy. We provide a simple Update Template for making changes to your location data which you then upload to our secure portal and ALIProWeb does the rest.

We are committed to quality service and doing our best to help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of E911. Request a quote today! We look forward to serving you.

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Service is our priority.

Our goal is to provide the best PS/ALI service at the best price and help make your PS/ALI updates as easy as possible.

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