Migration Guide for ALIProWeb

We provide a Migration Template Guide to assist you in submitting the information necessary for us to accurately acquire and lock your Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone numbers, associate those numbers with your National Emergency Number Association Company ID (NENA CID), and perform an initial update to your location information in the Automatic Location Identification Database Management System (ALI DBMS) of record managed by a State contracted administration firm.

Migrating your ALI data from your existing ALI DBMS update service provider to ALIProWeb™ requires three pieces of information:

  • • A NENA CID
  • • A complete list of the DID numbers to which you subscribe
  • • The location information for the telephone numbers you wish to manage within the ALI DBMS of record

The NENA CID information is a requirement of the current ALI DBMS Administrator and is used to identify your ALI records as belonging to you and subject to updates only by you and the ALIProWeb™ team. In Washington State this requirement began in April 2019 when the ALI DBMS Administration moved from CenturyLink/Intrado to ComTech Telecommunications.

We need a list of all of your DID numbers, not just the ones you are updating in the ALI DBMS. The reason for this is to ensure they are all associated with your NENA CID and locked from use by others. Locking these records during this initial migration period will ensure that you have them available to you in the future should you choose to maintain location information about these numbers.

In addition to a complete list of your DID numbers, we need an initial submission of the location information associated with each DID number. If you do not have this information, we may be able to assist with obtaining it, depending on your carrier and equipment. Our complete Migration Template Guide and the Migration Template worksheet, with examples are available at

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